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Annual Team Building Event - Dryandra, 2022

Updated: May 10, 2023

Recently, our team headed a few hours south of Perth to the Dryandra Woodland National Park, to enjoy four days of back to basics 'glamping', reconnecting with nature and each other.

We held some brilliant workshops on Cultural Awareness, stargazing (with Mitch), and Mental Health Awareness, and took part in a whole array of activities such as a personality test, cooking, dancing and art.

Group dance activity

We also took the time to explore the surroundings. Dryandra Woodland covers a total of 28,000 hectares and houses 13 species of native ground-dwelling mammals, such as small kangaroo-like Woylie, tammar wallaby, numbats, small striped marsupials, insects, honeyeaters, honey possums and pygmy possums and Echidnas. We were lucky enough to encounter some of these and a few of us even managed to spot the beautiful but sadly endangered numbat.

One of the numbats we managed to spot

One of the of the most pressing environmental issues that we face is the deterioration of our natural landscapes and of our magnificent native species. Helping to protect and restore our wildlife is something that is very close to our hearts and our trip to Dryandra made it feel all that bit closer.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time learning and connecting with one another in Dryandra, and can't wait to see what next years trip will bring!

Check out a few more highlights from the trip...


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