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Let's Give Back

Updated: May 8, 2023

Being kind to people and the planet has always been engrained in our values. We made it one of our business plan goals to give back to the planet and are committed to putting time in for good causes that are close to our hearts by donating 1% of our turnover to charity each year.

One of the of the most pressing environmental issues that we face is the deterioration of our natural landscapes and of our magnificent native species. By protecting our native wildlife and helping to restore degraded land we can also help protect the future health and wellbeing of our people.

This is why we have chosen to give back to charities who are playing a key role in this protection:

Trillion Trees Australia have planted close to 15 million native trees and understory across Western Australia to combat salinity and soil erosion, improve biodiversity, and provide habitat for thousands of native species.

Bush Heritage Australia buy and manage land for conservation and partner with Aboriginal groups and other landowners (such as farmers) to help them plan and achieve conservation goals on their land. They focus work in priority landscapes – areas selected due to their importance to national biodiversity.

We believe in giving back, both as a business and as individuals, so we have also introduced a volunteering program where our employees can get involved, either working with some of our partners or for a not-for-profit organisation of their choosing. So far our staff have volunteered with several charities in their local communities. So far some of these include; Perth City Farm, Kaleidoscope, and


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