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Sustainability Consultants | Perspektiv: Building lasting relationships with a future-oriented perspective.



With possibilities unfolding at every turn, we provide avenues for meaningful impact and personal growth. With our support feel empowered to contribute your best work with Perspektiv.

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Life @ Perspektiv!

At Perspektiv, we pride ourselves on our people first, collaborative culture designed to support each other in our work and wellbeing.

We walk the talk

Our Impact

At Perspektiv we embrace collaborative sustainability, nurture lasting connections and prioritise our people's growth and wellbeing.

Reconciliation action plan
Trillion Trees Australia

Chloe Burgan, Sustainability Consultant 

Perspektiv offers a supportive team environment where career development is encouraged.

Kieren Heikkinen, Regional Lead NSW

Being part of the team at Perspektiv enables me to make the world a better place while being surrounded by intelligent, inspiring and altruistic people.

Josh Key, Chief Operating Officer

Working at Perspektiv has provided me a platform to challenge business as usual behaviours to influence positive change.

Sustainability  job openings

We are wholly committed to the principles of sustainability, in particular the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We passionately drive and champion the necessary changes, through our Reach,  Authenticity, Wellbeing, Equity, Regeneration, and Reconciliation. 

Sustainability at Perspektiv


Certified B Corp

Perspektiv are proud and excited to be a certified B Corporation, demonstrating our own commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices.

Donating 5% Profit Before Tax

We Donate 5% of Profit Before Tax to charity annually. To date these charities include Trillion Tress and Bush Heritage Australia. 

Climate Active

We are Climate Active Carbon Neutral Certification for both our Organisation and our Services (whilst continuing to reduce our actual emissions to zero then becoming climate positive).

What our People are Saying...

Life at Perspektiv

Parental Leave

We recognise and support this important chapter of life.

Volunteering Leave 

Take 5 days each year to give back to a community.

Professional Development 

We support you to develop your skills, knowledge and career and take time out for relevant industry event exposure.


Our annual calendar keeps us on track with regular check ins and reflections.

Team Connection

We ensure we all connect regularly with one on ones, monthly meetings and take time out to spend time together in person twice a year.

Adventure Leave

Take 2 days each year to challenge yourself outside of your comfort zone.

Business Travel 

We support staff to
maintain 50% of their commutes as active, public or avoided providing free public
transport, active transport equipment, and flexible working arrangements where appropriate.

Celebrate Diversity

Our international team is made up of people from across the globe with whom we learn and share our knowledge.

At Perspektiv we embrace collaborative sustainability, nurturing lasting connections, and prioritising both employee well-being and individual development.

Company Ethos



"Finding a Better Way" We believe every intervention must make things better socially, environmentally and economically.


  • Humanity’s achievement of the United Nation’s SDG’s

  • Be agents for positive change

  • Be the best sustainability consultants

  • Encourage physical & spiritual wellbeing

  • Enjoy stimulating & challenging work

  • Create Financial security, Increase scale and speed of impact.


• Intelligent
• Practical
• Honest
• Optimistic
• Flexible
• Teamwork

Current Openings

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