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We are a Climate Active Certified Carbon Neutral Organisation offering a Carbon Neutral Service

Type of Certifications

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Climate active carbon neutral logo
Climate active carbon neutral logo

We understand that climate change is an emergency that needs to be urgently tackled. Being Climate Active Carbon Neutral means actively engaging in efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adopting sustainable practices to minimise your organisations footprint. It goes beyond awareness and involves taking concrete actions to combat climate change.

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Why it's Important?

All our consultancy services since July 2020 are Climate Active certified carbon-neutral. This is our contribution to help reduce the upstream Scope 3 impacts for products and services procured by our clients.

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What Does it Mean?

You could engage us to deliver carbon neutral services that help reduce your organisations’ upstream scope 3 emissions in the supply chain. We can help you achieve and maintain carbon neutrality or even net-zero status, as Climate Active Registered Consultants and independent third party validators for; Building & Precincts, Organisations, Products & Services.

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How to Become Carbon Neutral?

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