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Be part of our growing team enhancing sustainability outcomes for our many and varied clients. View our list of current job openings below.

Are you passionate and knowledgeable about sustainability? Are you curious and optimistic about finding a better way? 

We work right across the country and are looking for flexible, capable, degree-qualified people who are keen to learn and make a difference.

We are open to anyone who believes they can offer us value, but we will look favourably upon people with qualifications or experience in our service areas.

If you would like to apply or view more on our current job openings simply click through below. Alternatively send your CV and a cover letter to 

Current Openings

(NEW) SENIOR SUSTAINABILITY CONSULTANT (Full Time),  Perth / Sydney/ Melbourne                                                                         

COMMERCIAL & ACCOUNTING LEAD  (Casual), Perth / Sydney / Hobart                                                                                                             

Why Perspektiv?

Sustainability consultants

A thriving work culture:

Be part of a passionate values driven organisation. 
Be part of a team that wants you to fly. 
Be ready to challenge yourself and your colleagues.
Be permitted to fail, and to try again.
Be ready to grow alongside the business.
Be respected in a flexible and fun workplace.

Sustainability Experts

Our values & mission:

In one of our first business planning sessions in 2018, under the Peppermint Tree in Josh's backyard, Pat and Josh came up with some 'Aims'. We think these 'Aims' still hold up pretty well...They are;
- to facilitate positive economic, social and environmental outcomes for others;
- to achieve physical and spiritual wellbeing;
- to explore new experiences and opportunities from a position of financial security; and 
- to enjoy our work.

Perspektiv Office

Challenging and rewarding projects:

Our clients are becoming increasingly aware of their sustainability challenges and are seeking to resolve them with ever increasing urgency. With skilled people in relatively short supply, we believe we are ideally placed to help our clients, but also to provide long and satisfying career pathways for our people.