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Inclusive and Diverse Employment

Updated: May 11, 2023

"Research shows if you put more women on construction sites, it changes things. Communication changes. Cooperation and collaboration increase."

A recent article on gender bias in the Australian construction industry discusses the Infrastructure and Renewable Energy specialists ACCIONA, and their recent attempt to employ a more gender balanced workforce.

They decided that for one of their construction projects, at a girl’s school in Melbourne, they would employ a workforce made up of 50 per cent women. With the 50/50 workforce, the project finished ahead of schedule and ahead of budget.

“40 per cent is the critical mass — when you get 40 per cent of women [in a workforce], research shows that it changes the culture and the amount of negative conflict reduces”.

The National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) are an advocate for change in this industry. They help women improve their skills and knowledge and be who they want to be in construction.

We are also striving for a more balanced workforce; it is one of our goals as a business to pursue a diverse and inclusive team with gender parity. We are currently working on policies that will ensure provision of:

  • Generous and equitable parental leave

  • Childcare support

  • Family friendly and safe workplaces

Our Sustainability Policy helps us to track and share our progress across these goals. As of today, women make up 55 per cent of our team, and 30 per cent hold a senior role within the business.

If we want to address the Gender Pay Gap, we need to increase the percentage of women in senior roles. Organisations that seek to balance out their positions of leadership can begin to change their workplace culture and help breakdown gender stereotypes.

We understand the importance of reducing inequalities in business. An inclusive workplace culture helps improve employee mental health. We currently employ a diverse group of individuals, maintain a flat pay structure and do not engage in unpaid work. We work right across the country and are always looking for flexible, capable, degree-qualified people who are keen to learn and make a difference.

Don't be shy, get in touch! Visit our website to find out about careers at Perspektiv and to learn more about our company policies.


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