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Staff Adventure Leave: Veronique Largier

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

At Perspekiv, we aim to Promote an entrepreneurial spirit and encourage people to leave their comfort zones, by establishing a new entitlement for ‘adventure leave’.

The first team member to set off on their adventure was Senior Sustainability Consultant Veronique Largier who chose to spend her time in the stunning landscape of the South West region of Western Australia.

Together with her partner, they took on the challenge to reach the top of Bluff Knoll in time for sunrise, waking up at 3am to hike the1,099m peak in the Stirling Ranges.

Veronique at the top of Bluff Knoll (Stirling Ranges)

For Veronique the experience gave her the chance to reflect, recharge and reconnect, and to concentrate on being truly present.

"I am yet to find a better way to reconnect with my environment, reconnect with myself, and build precious memories with my loved one, than waking up in the early hours of the morning to climb a mountain, one step at a time, fully present watching the sun rise on a new day. What I also found at the top of the mountain is a renewed appreciation about the preciousness of our world, and why I do the work I do".

Veronique and her Partner then went on to conquer another four of the peaks in the Ranges, one breathtaking view at a time.

Bluff Knoll at Sunrise


We have made a number of sustainability commitments in our Business Plan. To read more about these commitments take a look at our Sustainability Policy.

Sustainability Policy 2021-22
Download PDF • 363KB

We are committed to Finding a Better Way and to the pursuit of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We believe this is the best way to create economic, environmental and social value for people everywhere.


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