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Happy, Healthy and Hardworking

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Active Commuting doesn't necessarily mean cycling for miles or walking for hours on end. Everyone's commute is a little different, but the aim is the same - Drive Less!

Studies have shown that riding your bike, walking, or even using public transport when it comes to commuting improves both your physical and mental health, and in turn can result in you being happier and more productive at work.

Active commuting
Kate Mitchell's commute to our Hobart Office

In considering the benefits that active commuting has on;

  • your body;

  • your community;

  • employees;

  • and the environment

we made it one of our goals, as a business, to reach 50% active commutes by the end of the financial year.

Since then, we have been logging all our commuting/travel information and assessing the data at the end of each month. So far, we are doing well, recording a steady 55% in our active commutes for June and July. But with ten more months to go and summer just around the corner, we are hoping to go the extra mile and work collectively to try and smash this target.

Launching this initiative has also inspired some of our team members to invest in upgrading their ride. Tierney McCourt is now the proud owner of a refurbished electric Posty bicycle (with a throttle), Chloe Burgan has a lovely new electric bike (with pedal assist), both joining Veronique Largier in the electric bicycle owners club. Amelia Warner has a new road bike, and Patrick Ilott has pumped up his tyres. All have joined the rest of the team who are seasoned active commuters. Sadly, our Sydney commuters have been working from home due to the ongoing lock down, but hopefully they will be able to get back on their scooters and skates in no time.

Cycling to work
Tierney's trusty posty bike


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