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Urban Farming: Feeding our Future

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Over half the global population currently lives in urban areas and this is increasing rapidly. The number of people living in cities is predicted to reach 7 billion by 2050, that's more than two-thirds of the world.

Urban agriculture presents several benefits for those living in densely populated areas. City Farms provide an opportunity to make the most of underutilised space whilst reducing the environmental impacts through less transport, packaging and waste. They also improve the physical and mental wellbeing in communities with diverse residents and increase the access to healthy and affordable produce, providing more security for low-income groups.

While urban farming is still relatively small, it is on the rise and several major cities have recently launched impressive urban farming initiatives.

This time last year Europe opened its largest urban farm in Paris, on top of the Parc des Expositions building. The farm provides fruit and veg to homes and restaurants across the southern part of the city and has helped with the slow cross-border food supply during the COVID-19 pandemic.

By 2030 Singapore aims to have around 200 hectares of skyrise greenery, that's equivalent to around 200 football pitches. One initiative comes from the Singapore Building and Construction Authority, who have developed a system of modular grow units that are to be implemented across their HDB flats.

In Hong Kong, with help from the Rooftop Republic initiative, they have opened over 60 urban farms since 2015.

Source: The Gardian (Antony Wallace/AFP/Getty Images)

So, what are the main benefits of these Urban Farms and of Rooftop Greenery?

  • They significantly cool the immediate surroundings and surface temperature

  • They reduce heavy rainwater runoff so that less water is directed into the drains.

  • The reduce the amount of noise pollution

  • They provide fresh, healthy food close to home

  • They improve the air quality and biodiversity

  • They promote happier, more integrated communities

Our ecological experts can help you to create and enhance natural places. With our knowledge of sustainability and the planning system we can help you build cities with happier, more productive inhabitants. To find out more get in touch for a chat, we enjoy contemplating new challenges and opportunities, and are always happy to share ideas. Together we will find a better way.


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