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Employee Engagement - Perspektiv scores 8% higher than the global average

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

We just completed our first employee engagement survey! When benchmarked against external datasets, our overall engagement score came out at 81% - 8% higher than the global average!* Not only that, everyone who took part agreed that Perspektiv allows them to make a positive difference and that wellbeing is a top priority to the company.

Employee engagement can describe many things: how connected a team member feels to their organisation, their commitment to stay, dedication, and inclination to go above and beyond. Actively measuring engagement (and more importantly acting on feedback) signals to employees that their voices are heard, and ideas valued.

Perspektiv is about to turn five years old 🎉and is entirely employee owned. Beyond an operating model, we value employees owning decisions they make every day in their pursuit of “Finding a Better Way” for our clients.

The adage ‘our people are our greatest asset’ couldn’t be truer for us so it was a no brainer to ask them for their thoughts and opinions about what we are doing well as a business and what we could be doing to make Perspektiv the best place to work it possibly can be! We were thrilled when we received the results from our first ever engagement survey.

It is said that survey fatigue is a myth – just fatigue from no action being taken as a result

The results are encouraging and highlight the positive cultural aspects we will strive to maintain as we continue to grow. However, the survey also highlighted some focus areas where we can be better. We have already workshopped these, created some actions to improve and will check in on their impact later in the year. It is said that survey fatigue is a myth – just fatigue from no action being taken as a result.

We are alert not to fall into this trap so that our employees continue to trust that their opinion is not only important, but critical to the success of our growth. Onwards and upwards!

If you’d like to find out more about joining a values-driven, employee-owned consultancy, we are hiring various roles across the country. Check out our careers page!

*benchmarked against Culture Amp – the leading employee experience platform’s – “All Industries (Global) 2021” dataset.


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