Employee Ownership, good Governance and Engagement

‘Employee ownership is where a company gives its employees shares in the company in which they work.'

At Perspektiv we are Employee-owned and believe that this is central to our ongoing success and company culture. We currently have two owners, but our intention is to grow this scheme by giving ownership to more employees. We have plans to expand to five owners in the next few years.

In Australia Employee ownership is still fairly uncommon, but as members of the EOA our aim is to adopt this winning formula just like GHD, MOTT McDonald and Arup who have some of the best employee-owned company success stories.

We understand the importance of good workplace culture and how it encourages employee engagement, employee involvement, motivation, and retention.

For more information on the Employee Ownership Model, Check out EOA’s new web-page at: https://employeeownership.com.au/about-employee-ownership-trusts/