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Perspektiv Playlist

Updated: May 11, 2023

Music leaves a deep impact on the minds of the people. It is very effective in helping people feel focused on their task and stay productive all day.

We begin every team meeting with a song, each taking it in turn to choose. Starting our meetings by listening to music allows us to learn more about each other, but it also improves our mood, motivation, and increases our concentration.

Listen to the tunes that have been inspiring us at Perspektiv:

  • Track #1 Tom petty's, For Real

The song that inspired the whole idea was Tom petty's, For Real. Chosen by Patrick Ilott, "this is a song about why do we do anything in life."

  • Track #2 The Script ft, Hall of fame

Chosen by Gargi Mukkamamla, "this song is one I always go back to if I ever feel unmotivated, it's a great song to put you in the mood to work hard for the goals and dreams no matter how difficult they seem. It’s about making a name for yourself, making your support systems proud and just overall a good vibe song 😃"

  • Track #3 Charles Bradley, Where do we go from here

Chosen by Amelia Warner, "this song really makes me think about the importance of working together for a better future. ‘We gotta all make that change’ ‘ For the generation to come Can find love and peace’. And it's also one of my favourite tracks to ski to!

  • Track #4 Jamiroquai, When you gonna Learn

Chosen by Veronique Largier, "the song talks about environmental issues and the negative impacts that humans have on the planet, its video clip had shocking images of the state of the world, showing environmental disaster, human tragedy and the way we treat animals. The initial video clip was censored as it was deemed too shocking. Most of the images were originally from Greenpeace."

  • Track #5 Popular, Wicked soundtrack

Chosen by Kate Mitchell, "often clients come to us to help with the sustainability aspects of their contracts, but they don’t really have a strong interest in the subject. But by working well with clients we can show them the benefits of incorporating sustainability into their operations and get them a bit excited about it; and Showtunes are fun!"

Listen Now:

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