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Khil joins the Perspektiv team

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Perspektiv welcomes (Khil) Khilane Kissane to the team. With a passion for the outdoors (snorkelling, hiking, camping), animals (reptiles in particular) and all things nature (trees, flowers, bees), Khil decided to pursue a Master's in Environmental Science.

With two exisiting degrees in business and teaching, the switch was a huge decision but one that he couldn’t be happier with. In learning about how man-made projects impact the environment and ways to make more sustainable decisions for society, economy, and the environment, Khil is able to pursue his passion for a better and more sustainable future.

Currently completing his last semester at university, Khil will be helping us with GIS Mapping, Carbon Accounting and Research.

“I am grateful to have been granted the opportunity to be an Intern at Perspektiv, a consultancy deeply involved in "finding a better way". It is with great excitement that I embrace this challenging but highly rewarding experience!"

Khil Kissane


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