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Get to know us

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Our story...

Who are we?

In 2017 Director, Patrick Ilott established Perspektiv, a professional services consultancy, dedicated entirely to sustainability. Perspektiv is an employee owned organisation made up of hardworking and passionate individuals. We are committed to helping humanity achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

Being part of the team at Perspektiv enables me to make the world a better place while being surrounded by intelligent, inspiring and altruistic people.

Kieren Heikkinen - Senior Consultant

Perspektiv now boasts a growing portfolio of 15 professionals, stationed across Australia. We are a diverse team, well versed in all aspects of sustainability. Utilising our unique skillsets to produce genuine and better outcomes. We pride ourselves on getting things done and are extremely passionate about what we do and the services that we offer.

Working at Perspektiv has provided me a platform to challenge business as usual behaviours to influence positive change.

Joshua Key - Principal Consultant

Optimistic about the future, we look forward to the new partnerships that we will build by engaging in meaningful relationships and providing tailored and bespoke services for our clients.

Where are we based?

Perspektiv first began it's journey in Perth, Western Australia but soon after began operating out of Sydney and Hobart. Today we also have consultants working out of Melbourne and Brisbane, with access across Australasia.

What are our main goals?

We believe that to evolve is to be better, and our aim is to embrace the opportunities a rapidly changing world presents.

Perspektiv's ethos of 'Finding a better way' resonates with my own convictions and helps me sleep better each night knowing that we've done all that we can to leave this world in a better place tomorrow...

Thiru Jallendran, Principal Consultant

We are intent on becoming Australia’s premier sustainability consultancy. In one of our first business planning sessions in 2018, Pat and Josh came up with some 'Aims'. We think these 'Aims' still hold up pretty well;

Perspektiv aims to;

  • facilitate positive economic, social and environmental outcomes;

  • to achieve physical and spiritual wellbeing;

  • to explore new experiences and opportunities from a position of financial security; and

  • to enjoy our work.

What helps us work well as a team?

Perspektiv provides great opportunities for progression, and our people are empowered to identify professional development opportunities that appeal to them.

Perspektiv offers a supportive team environment where career development is encouraged.

Chloe Burgan Office Manager

We ensure that we work in a friendly collegiate atmosphere, with flexible employee entitlements. Providing a positive and supportive workplace, where we proactively look for opportunities that increase face to face connections, especially for staff in remote locations.

Business planning
2021 Team Building trip to Margaret River, WA
2021 Team Building Trip, Boranup Forrest, WA

Our Annual team-building and business planning events help us to really integrate the team as a whole. They provide a great way for us to stay motivated, improve communication, increase creativity and productivity. All of which helps us to be more engaged at work and increases our overall efficiency.

Creating the conditions that allow people to thrive, make good decisions, and achieve positive outcomes for one another really gets me going. Perspektiv provides me the perfect vehicle to do this for our team and our clients.

Patrick Ilott Managing Director

Interested in working with Perspektiv, or joining the team? Get in touch for a chat, we enjoy contemplating new challenges and opportunities, and are always happy to share ideas. Together we will find a better way!


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