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Conquering the Trails: Liv and Julia Step Out of the Office and their Comfort Zones

Olivia (Liv) Ashton and Julia Bairstow from the Perspektiv team recently took on the Females on Trails mountain bike clinic as part of their Adventure Leave. With Julia in Melbourne on an office exchange, mountain biking seemed like a great opportunity to get into nature at Lake Mountain Alpine Resort in Marysville, Victoria. The day took them both out of their comfort zones, while teaching them valuable lessons about themselves and each other… but only after a freezing and rainy start to the day.

They began the day learning basic skills in the Lake Mountain car park with a group of 30 or so other women. The skills included how to do a standard check on your bike, braking, the "attack" position, and navigating “rocky” terrain. The course was full of women of all ages and abilities, which inspired the team. After the basic skills training, they tackled two green trails. The first trail took them through beautiful mountain terrain, between gums, up and down gravel paths, with the second trail being the ultimate test. Despite the brutal weather conditions, they persevered.

For Julia, the day was even more challenging as it was her first-time mountain biking. Additionally, she was in a new city, surrounded by new people, all while sleep-deprived after her flight from Perth. A natural challenge seeker, she was determined to push her limits and enjoy the environment. From Julia and Liv’s day on the mountain, they learned how powerful and encouraging women can be in a male-dominated sport. They also realised the importance of challenging themselves and each other, which helped build self-confidence beyond the workplace while bringing them together.

Encouraging Adventure Leave is a great way to improve employee well-being, providing employees with something to look forward to and encouraging them to step out of their comfort zones. It also helps employees connect with colleagues in other cities and build a sense of community. Liv and Julia can't wait to share their stories and lessons learned with their colleagues and encourage others to take on their own adventures.


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