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Skateboarding into The Future

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

To incentivise active commuting at Perspektiv, last year we employed a few policies to help encourage our staff to change their driving habits.

So how are we doing?

Sustainability Consultant Olivia Ashton has been taking full advantage of our pre paid public transport cards and has really embraced the active commute. Here's her story...

Once upon a time in October last year, I began dating a skater dude.

Skater dude (SD) was dedicated to the half pipe. He and his friends would skate for hours, teaching the kids in the park new tricks and learning from the OG’s. There was something so cool about the style, the culture, and the music. I loved seeing him get stuck into the adventure and flow, fall, laugh, get back up and try again.

As time went on, SD and I saw each other more and more. One fine spring day, I shared that my housemate has an old board, and I that wanted to give this skating thing a go. The next thing I know, we’re picking out my steeziest hoodie and beanie combo before rolling through the back streets to Aldi.

SD showed me how to balance on one leg, direct the board and most importantly, drag my sneakers along the road to stop. By the time we returned from our grocery run, my heart was racing, armpits sweating, and smile beaming.

Come January, SD said see ya later girl and had moved to Madrid.

My skateboarding journey felt like it might be over... until out of the blue my cousin gifted me her old longboard, a personal touch for my newfound adventure.

Around the same time as picking up my four-wheeled digs, Perspektiv introduced their Active Transport Policy. They provided me with a Myki, allowing my board and I to jump on the train together.

I was never a fan of the bumper-to-bumper commute, usually riding my bike to work, but when I ended up on a project over 40km from home, I had to reassess. I decided, after my first two days stuck in traffic, that I’d catch two trains and a bus as an alternative. Instead of walking between my final stop and home or the office, I’d skate. Although this extended my trip by 20-30 minutes, I finally had the chance to decompress. I’d drink my coffee, eat breakfast, meditate, nap, listen to podcasts, call friends, write shopping lists, journal, and practice my skater girl skills. By the time I’d arrived at the office, I’d felt like I’d already been on an adventure, and achieved something.

Well-being is a top priority at Perspektiv, and this policy supports it (and the environment). I feel good having this little bit of time for myself each day, and that I’m using my car less. The project that I’m working on now is more accessible, so I’ve switched back to riding my bike most days (shout out to the end-of-trip facilities!). However, on a clear winter morning, I’ll turn to my board, relishing the opportunity to carve some concrete before my morning coffee.

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