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From Oceans to Atmosphere: The AMCS and WWF Australia Report of Plastic Emissions in our Oceans

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Principal Consultant Josh Key recently made a notable impact on Australia’s marine conservation efforts by utilising his volunteering leave to support The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) in their pioneering research on plastic waste.

The report, titled "Plastic Emissions in Our Oceans," has been making headlines since its release, drawing attention to the urgent need for action to protect our oceans from the greenhouse gas emissions that result from plastic consumption in Australia.

The report addresses the increase in plastic waste contaminating our marine ecosystems and endangering marine species. While Australia's ocean plastic pollution is relatively well-documented, the potential climate impacts of plastic production, consumption, and waste management have received limited exploration. To investigate this link, the AMCS and WWF-Australia commissioned Blue Environment to model the greenhouse gas emissions resulting from plastics consumption in Australia and evaluate the effectiveness of various policy approaches in reducing plastic emissions.

Josh formed part of an independent review panel. The study was initially reviewed as a life cycle assessment in accordance with ISO 14044 however as the aims of the study were less product focused and more sector focused the panel undertook the review for quality and independence with reference to the ISO climate related standards ISO 14067 and reporting procedure in ISO 14064.

The pro-bono critical review of this comprehensive document has added weight to the findings and recommendations, elevating the report's credibility and impact. It is collaborations like these that demonstrate the power of partnerships in addressing complex environmental challenges. They also highlight the significance of pro-bono work in advancing the goals of non-profit organisations and driving meaningful change in society.

At Perspektiv we are committed to supporting our staff members' altruistic endeavors and promoting a culture of giving back. We hope that this inspiring act of volunteering will motivate others to take up similar initiatives and join hands in building a cleaner, and healthier world.

Download the full report: Here


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