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Newly Accredited NABERS Waste Assessor: Elevating Our Services

We're thrilled to announce Chloe Burgan's recent achievement in obtaining her NABERS Waste Accredited Assessor qualification! Whilst the scheme is geared at waste ratings and verification reports in buildings, this professional qualification also propels her as a suitably qualified professional to conduct Construction Waste Performance Reviews for Infrastructure Sustainability Ratings under ISC.

Notably, this accomplishment paves the way for us to broaden our existing portfolio of NABERS services. Chloe's expertise enables us to offer NABERS 3 tiers of Waste Services:

1. NABERS Waste Platform: Suitable for every building type, this platform allows seamless upload and accurate tracking of your building’s month to month waste data, converting it into actionable management insights. The platform's graphs represent key performance waste metrics, showcasing efficient waste separation and recycling.

2. NABERS Waste Verification Report: is in combination of the NABERS Waste platform and an on-the-ground performance verification by a NABERS Waste Accredited Assessor. It is an independent measure of the recycling and resource recovery performance of a building, and is available for the following sectors:

• Apartment buildings

• Corrective services

• Data centres

• Hotels

• Office tenancies

• Overseas buildings

• Residential aged care and retirement living

• Shopping centres

• Warehouses and cold stores

This report enables accurate tracking on your building’s waste performance, aligning with respected industry standards and showcases your commitment to reducing environmental footprints by identifying areas for future improvement and movement towards a circular economy.

3. NABERS Waste Rating for Commercial Offices: Uses the NABERS Waste platform and verification checks to communicate your building’s base building or whole building recycling and resource recovery performance with a NABERS star rating. This results in an easy-to-understand metric to highlight success in waste management practices. Whilst it is not mandatory to disclose your rating to the public, you can use your rating to compare to the buildings and improve your waste year on year. The rating may be used as an additional credential to increase an ESG profile for waste, through ESG reporting, inputs to Climate Active carbon-neutral certifications, Green Star Performance or GRESB.

Reach out to explore how our expanded services can help optimise your waste management strategies and environmental commitments, we can help you achieve better outcomes and lower your environmental impacts!


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