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Office Exchanges: How to Improve Communication and Collaboration in the Workplace

Updated: May 11, 2023

Managing workplace communication and relationships can pose challenges when your workforce is spread across several states. Last year we launched our office exchange program, with the aim to encourage our employees to spend more time working across our four offices in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne & Hobart.

We wanted to give our employees the opportunity to experience new cities, learn new skills, and build better relationships with one another. A number of our staff have already taken advantage of the program and the feedback from them so far has been very positive.

" What I appreciate the most is the flexibility and connection. This summer I was able to spend time with family in Sydney, watch the Harbor Bridge NYE fireworks and swim at Manly beach. The next week I caught the bus to the office, connected, learnt and had a laugh with my coworkers! "

Olivia Ashton - Melbourne

The program has the potential to help us grow together as a business and bring more support to those who work remotely. It's great to see our employees form stronger connections with one another and develop a better understanding of the company's culture and values.

There are some challenges in coordinating these exchanges, such as planning, office logistics and transportation, so we've put together a written policy to help ensure our staff have all the resources they need to adjust to their new surroundings.

To find out more about our company's Mission, Vision and Values, head to our website:


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