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A Winter Challenge with Perspektiv's Adventure Leave

We have always believed in the significance of work-life balance and have found that our adventure leave policy not only allows our people to reset but also provides them with compelling stories to share among colleagues, boosting team morale.

Recently, sustainability consultant Kirsten embarked on a winter adventure which began with a trip to the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City, a hub for winter sports. Equipped with skis and skates, Kirsten and her family explored the trails, immersing themselves in the winter landscape. They spent the morning on the beginner cross country track but were quick to graduate to the intermediate track by the afternoon and despite facing some challenges, including a few comical stumbles and tumbles, they remained fully committed till the end!

Kirsten's adventure then continued in Mont Tremblant, where she seized the opportunity to learn downhill skiing. With the help from her partner who guided her down the bunny slopes, Kirsten overcame her fears, and enjoyed the thrill of gliding downhill, gaining confidence with each turn. Maybe we'll spot her at the next Winter Olympics! 😉


At Perspektiv, our adventure leave policy aims to empower employees like Kirsten to pursue their passions and create lasting memories.


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