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Our Head of Sustainability Ratings Takes the Helm at Hobart Junior Sailing Regatta

As part of our volunteering leave at Perspektiv, our Head of Sustainability Ratings, Simon Hooper, recently embraced a leadership role as the Co-Chair of the Organising Committee for the 62nd International Cadet Australian Championship 2023, a prestigious junior sailing regatta catering to sailors aged 8-17.

Hosted by the Sandy Bay Sailing Club in Hobart, where Simon actively participates as the Club Vice Commodore, the regatta took place from December 28, 2023, to January 5, 2024. With 44 boats and 88 talented sailors competing in 13 races over 6 days.

Taking on the role of coordinating all the regatta volunteers, Simon conducted daily competitor briefings, and oversaw critical aspects like event setup and security, as well as the management of race course boats.

Newspaper clipping  Hobart Junior Sailing Regatta 2024

The success of the regatta was evident in the positive feedback received from sailors, parents, and fellow volunteers. Simon plans to stay involved with the Sandy Bay Sailing Club, ensuring its success well into the future, (well as long as his children continue to sail there).

These types of volunteering leave not only showcase our teams commitment to community involvement but also underscores the positive impact we can make beyond the corporate arena.


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