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Sustainability in Action: Julia's Volunteering Adventure with Bush Heritage

Consultant Julia Bairstow recently embarked on a remote volunteering experience in the heart of the south west with Bush Heritage Australia. Julia dedicated five working days to environmental conservation, contributing to the vital work being done at the Edigarup reserve, a recent acquisition by Bush Heritage in 2022.

The focus of the volunteering was centered around preparing the Edigarup reserve for an extensive revegetation initiative. Julia, along with a group of five volunteers, played a crucial role in this mission by removing over five kilometers of paddock fencing within the property and undertook weed control, laying the groundwork for future environmental projects.

Paddock fencing removal
Photo credit: Michael Perry

Post-shifts, the volunteers were treated to firsthand experiences of Bush Heritage's positive impact. The reserve manager took them to the areas on the adjacent side of the Red Moort property, to show them the results of the reforestation initiated a decade ago. The visits provided insight into ongoing fauna monitoring programs, including the Pygmy Possum nesting program and feral animal control initiatives.

Photo credit: (Left) Red winged fairy wren (Right) Pygmy Possum by Keith Meadows.


Julia was particularly moved by the success stories emanating from the Pygmy Possum nesting program, realising the tangible impact that sustained conservation efforts can have on vulnerable species. The commitment to environmental stewardship extended to feral animal control programs, highlighting the holistic approach taken by Bush Heritage in safeguarding the delicate ecosystem.

Julia's volunteering effort reinforces our ongoing and invested partnership with Bush Heritage Australia, a cause that resonates deeply with our team.

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