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A record-breaking year (for all the wrong reasons)

Updated: May 11, 2023

The recent release of the EU Copernicus Climate Change Service report confirmed that globally, 2021 was among the seven warmest years on record. The world’s ocean temperatures also reached record highs and we witnessed what was undoubtedly a year of extremes, with severe heatwaves & droughts, increased flooding, and catastrophic superstorms.

What’s concerning about these findings is the speed at which the climate emergency is advancing and the almost monthly shattering of temperature records. In fact, last year ten national temperature records were either broken or equalled and the highest ever (reliably measured*) temperature of 54.4 was recorded in the US.

As we enter the fourth week of 2022, our burgeoning climate anxiety is offered very little relief, with the UK, US, Australia, and South America already breaking record temperatures.

Acknowledging the facts, climate change and the warming of our planet can lead to an overwhelming number of negative emotions, but it can also help us to better determine how we should act. Engaging with our emotions can be the basis for empowerment and progress.

"Climate anxiety – like climate depression or climate rage – isn’t a pathology. It’s a reasonable and healthy response to an existential threat".

Caroline Hickman, psychotherapist and researcher

Turning our anxiety into action, especially when it comes to the climate, is an important step. That said, it is too difficult to understand and to process such abstract issues alone; we must do this together, educating ourselves and others along the way.

"If working apart we are a force powerful enough to destabilise our planet. Surely working together, we are powerful enough to save it".

David Attenborough - Cop 26 Glasgow

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