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WA’s first 6-star NABERS Apartment Building rating

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Perspektiv' NABERS Accredited Assessor, Patrick Jeannerat delivers WA’s first 6-star NABERS Apartment Building rating.

The nine-apartment De Havilland complex developed by BlueRock Projects boasts 19kW of solar panels and 30kWh storage using SENEC batteries designed and delivered by Element47. The building is currently performing at 30% energy savings with the average residence saving $432 per annum. Through SENEC battery control and Power Ledger trading platforms, Element47 can track the energy usage and analyse the buildings grid independent capability against its projected target.

6 star NABERS apartment rating

Our in-house assessor has accreditations to deliver NABERS ratings, Building Energy Efficiency Certificates and Climate Active Carbon-Neutral Building certification for offices, shopping centres, apartment buildings and residential aged care and retirement living.

His invaluable experience in the operation of existing buildings has helped in many instances to identify improvement opportunities for energy efficiency and renewables projects, not only for assessed buildings, but also to inform the design and construction of more sustainable new buildings.

Read more about the project here, or get in touch for a chat with our experts, we enjoy contemplating new challenges and opportunities, and are always happy to share ideas.


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