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Exciting News: Our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) Officially Endorsed by Reconciliation Australia!

We are delighted to announce a significant milestone in our journey towards fostering reconciliation and advancing social responsibility. Our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) has been officially accredited by Reconciliation Australia, marking our membership in the RAP network. This achievement demonstrates our steadfast commitment to promoting meaningful reconciliation in our organisation and beyond.

In this journey, we're honored to feature the artwork of Iesha Wyatt, an emerging Yued Noongar artist working in both painting and digital mediums, with a background in fine art and graphic design. The piece she designed is titled Kolbang (Go Forward), which beautifully encapsulates our commitment to progress.

Kolbang (Go Forward), RAP Artwork by Iesha Wyatt
Kolbang (Go Forward), Artwork by Iesha Wyatt

The next phase of our RAP journey involves the establishment and maintenance of an effective RAP Working Group (RWG). This group will play a pivotal role in governing our RAP and ensuring the successful delivery of our commitments. Here, we outline the key responsibilities and expectations for each RWG member:

  • Engage in learning opportunities to build their individual knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, cultures, and histories.

  • Help to share learning and best practice with colleagues throughout the business.

  • Support the case for Perspektiv's contribution to reconciliation.

  • Implement the actions allocated to them and contribute to the overall implementation of the Reflect RAP.

  • Help with the development of relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and organisations.

  • Promote internal and external reconciliation events and other initiatives envisaged in the Reflect RAP.

  • Work in a supportive, collaborative, and inclusive way with all members of the RWG, and all those involved in reconciliation activities internally and externally.

As we move forward with our RAP journey, we are committed to upholding these expectations and ensuring that reconciliation remains a core pillar of our organisation's values. Together, with the guidance of our RWG, we will continue to make strides in building a more inclusive and equitable future.

Download our Reconciliation Action Plan here:

Perspektiv RAP 23 24
Download • 15.16MB


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