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Celebrating Success at the ISC 2023 Awards: Perspektiv's Contribution to Sustainability Excellence

At Perspektiv, we are proud to be at the forefront of sustainability, and our dedication to fostering positive change in the infrastructure sector received noteworthy recognition at the 2023 Annual Gala Awards hosted by the Infrastructure Sustainability Council (ISC).

These awards continue the Council’s well-established tradition of driving best practice, acknowledging leadership, and identifying industry role models, and we are delighted to share that our team played a pivotal role in a number of the award-winning projects.

Several members of our team also had the privilege of attending the awards ceremony that formed part of the three day ISC Connect Conference, and on day two our Head of Ratings, Simon Hooper was invited to deliver an insightful presentation on the topic of "Future Focus", and the pathways to innovation.

Some of the 2023 award winning projects that highlight our involvement include:

Public Sector Industry Impact Award– OMTID

The Office of Major Transport Infrastructure Delivery (OMTID) was awarded the Public Sector Industry Impact Award for its role in driving sustainable change within the transportation industry. This achievement is the result of a collaborative effort between Main Roads Western Australia (MRWA), the Public Transport Authority (PTA). These teams also include the dedicated expertise of our Regional Lead, Colleen McDonald, and Consultant Sophie Walker with invaluable support from Josh Key in establishing and nurturing this highly successful team.

Infrastructure Sustainability Council Industry Awards 2023

Outstanding Achievement - Sustainability Leadership

Parramatta Connect (a joint venture between CPB Contractors and Downer EDI), won the Outstanding Achievement Award for The Parramatta Light Rail Stage 1 – Infrastructure Contact.

Josh Key served as the Sustainability Advisor, contributing to the establishment and design of the Parramatta Connect project, exemplifying sustainability leadership through his direct involvement in the successful IS Design Rating.

These awards highlight our dedication to advancing Infrastructure Sustainability across economic, social, environmental, and governance dimensions. We are immensely proud of our team's efforts in these projects and the positive impact they've had on the communities they serve. You can learn more about the winning projects and their contributions to sustainability by visiting ISC's Award Winners 2023.


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