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Senior  Consultant 
Colleen McDonald 

Colleen has a combined seven years’ experience across the construction and environmental industries developing her sustainability skills to supplement her broad experience in consulting. 

Khilane Kissane 

An environmental scientist with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. With a masters in Environmental Science, he can assist with Carbon Accounting, Research, Life Cycle Assessments and GIS Mapping.

Principal Consultant 
Joshua Key

A sustainability professional with more than 10 years’ experience working for and with consultants, government departments and contracting organisations.

Sustainable Governance  

"Respect the building blocks, master the fundamentals, and the potential is unlimited".  PJ Ladd


It’s understood that the G in ESG stands for governance. But what does sustainable governance really look like, where do you start and why does it matter? Sustainability and corporate governance are interdependent. Our team can help you with the essential building blocks for robust governance that is grounded in the realities of your business operations. 

Transparency and Reporting 

Transparency is a critical component for sustainable corporate governance. This means being accurate and fair in the way you describe your actions, impacts and risks, so that informed decisions can be made by all your stakeholders. Our team works with organisations to cut through the noise of diverging ESG ratings and frameworks, to help ensure that your reporting and governance meet the certification and assurance standards that fit your business context.     

Speak Up Cultures and Whistle - blowing 

People are more likely to speak up about concerns when the environment is open and transparent. A speak up culture acts as an early warning system, so that your business can react quickly and address problems before they escalate. Encouraging whistle-blowers to come forward - and protecting them - is a key factor in risk management. Our team has expertise in supporting the development of speak up cultures and the whistle-blowing policies that underpin them. 


Many board members remain uncertain about what sustainability should mean for the business they govern. We build capacity through bespoke training, developing Board fluency in ESG and an understanding of directors' duties in this context.  


Business decisions should involve asking the question “is this the right thing to do”. Strong governance means you have systems in place to ensure that this question is raised and you know how to address it. It means taking account of your material sustainability issues so that you are addressing financial and non-financial risks. We can work with you to integrate sustainability into how you articulate your corporate ethics, values, code of conduct, KPIs and incentives. 

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