"Change happens by listening and then starting a dialogue with the people who are doing something you don’t believe is right." Jane Goodall

Understanding who your stakeholders are, how best to engage them, and what they expect can be tricky. We apply international frameworks such as IAP2 and AA1000 to develop bespoke approaches for you. Promoting comprehensive, equitable and mutually beneficial engagement that informs proactive management. 

Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Analysis 

Acknowledging the existence of people who may have an interest in your work is the most important step in stakeholder engagement. We methodically identify and profile your stakeholder groups, so you understand their connection, value, motivation, influence, and how they are impacted. Whilst taking care to identify the disadvantaged and vulnerable people in your sphere.

Engagement & Campaigns

We can help make sure your sustainability message reaches your audience. Our in-house marketers can provide contemporary content that cuts through on multiple platforms. Promoting authentic, honest and effective engagement that increases the value of your business.

Management Strategies 

 In 2021 issues can 'blow-up' and the unhappy stakeholders can be terminal for your business. The best way to counter this reality is to develop a strategy that prioritises proactive communication, transparency, and consensus. By working with us you will reduce the number of incidents that you need to react to, whilst realising the value your stakeholders can provide.   

Facilitation & Training

We run engaging and fun training, workshops and events, that improve awareness, engagement and sustainability outcomes. We take large sustainability concepts and make them relevant to your project and your people.  Not only are our participants awake, they actively contribute value. 

Let’s Work together


Get in touch for a chat, we enjoy contemplating new challenges and opportunities, and are always happy to share ideas. Together we will find a better way.