Resilience & Adaptation

"Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.Stephen Hawking

There is nothing more certain than change, yet many of us have a hard time preparing for it. Luckily we are extremely adept at seeing and conveying the big picture. By applying principles from international and Australian frameworks (e.g. TCFD, AS 5334) we can prepare you for the future scenarios you should be ready for.  

Resilience Assessments 

 Societies and businesses rely on interdependent systems such as transport, energy, water, communication, education, health and financial systems. Understanding these interdependencies allows society and business to be more efficient and more resilient. We use stakeholder engagement and scenario planning to manage the risk of foreseeable (but sometimes overlooked) shocks and stresses upon your organisation.

Taskforce on Climate Related Financial Disclosures

TCFD provides a robust framework for effective climate-related disclosures, enabling stakeholders to understand the financial system’s exposures to climate-related risks. As the world moves inexorably towards net zero there will be transition and physical risks to your business, but also growth opportunities. Your stakeholders expect to know what these are and how you compare. 

Climate Change Risk Assessment and Adaptation Strategies 

The science is now settled, the IPCC and the CSIRO understand how climate variables will change where you operate. We use this information to help you and your stakeholders assess risks to your assets in the future, whilst also identifying your optimal adaptation strategies.

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