Ratings and Assurance

Truth never damages a cause that is just.” Mahatma Gandhi

Our business was born out of these services. We are expert at navigating complex projects, to embed and integrate sustainability at the heart of yours. By working with us, your investment in 3rd party assurance and ratings will drive better outcomes, leadership, systems, reputation and culture.  


We are ideally placed to help you because;
- we are members of the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA).
- we regularly present at industry forums and conferences.
- we have in-house ISCA Trainers, Verifiers and Assessors amongst our ranks.
- we have won several ISCA Impact and Outstanding Achievement Awards.
- we have been directly involved in over 50 separate Infrastructure sustainability ratings.


Real Estate Portfolios 

Managing real estate and asset portfolios across multiple jurisdictions and asset classes can be chaotic and stressful. We use the GRESB framework and analytical tools to bring order and certainty to your management processes. Allowing you to make decisions that lead to a demonstrably more sustainable and resilient real asset industry.   

Buildings & Precincts

We are members of the Green Buidling  Council of Australia (GBCA) and our people have unique experience designing, building, operating and refurbishing buildings and precincts. Similarly our people have experience with all classses of buildings and precincts including commercial, health, transport, industrial, public and mixed. They also have proven track records delivering all the major certifications like Green Star, WELL, & NABERS.  

Product Certification 

Work with us to reap the benefits of product certification (e.g. GECA, EPD, FSC, PEFC ). By providing your customers comparable, objective, science-based  information you can enhance your reputation and sales. Like nutritional information on food, environmental labelling is on its way, make sure you are ready with an appropriate label (and good numbers).