Khilane wants you to know what's on your plate. What is your “FoodPrint”?

Sustainability Consultant Khilane Kissane is an environmental scientist with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Khilane is becoming a Climate Active registered consultant and currently assists us with Carbon Accounting, Research, and Life Cycle Assessments.

As a Sustainability Consultant (and a vegetarian) who specializes in Carbon Accounting, Research, and Life Cycle Assessments I understand the importance of knowing your plate’s carbon and lifecycle impact. In recent years we have seen a global rise in concern over climate change. This has led to many people (including myself) looking for ways to reduce their personal emissions.

There are direct links between what you eat and the emissions that you produce, or that you contribute to. It is important to understand where and how your food is made, to truly understand its impacts.

For example, beef is a very high impact protein, in consuming 1 kg of beef you contribute approximately 25 kg of carbon dioxide emissions. This is much more than other proteins such as chicken which generates approximately 1/15th of the carbon emissions associated with beef, or a portion of the highest impact vegetable proteins which emits less than the lowest impact animal products.

BBC Climate Change Food Calculator

If you want to understand more about your food, there are many calculators available online to calculate your food’s footprint or “Foodprint” such as BBC's Climate change food calculator. These tools calculate your food’s emissions and help you to understand that the way you eat has a broader effect on Climate Change.

Small changes, over time, can create amazing impacts and is something that I have always been very passionate about. If you want to learn more about the services we offer around Carbon and Lifecycle Impacts, visit our website for more information.




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