Gargi joins the Perspektiv team

Say hello to Gargi Mukkamala, who recently joined the Perspektiv team in Sydney!

With a keen interest in Energy Modelling and Lifecycle Assessments, Gargi will help enhance our ESD capability across the business. An Architect with a passion for all things sustainable, Gargi is a voracious reader, enjoys travelling, and is the occasional #lifestyle blogger.

Perspektiv has opened endless opportunities for me to contribute to the larger picture. From Infrastructure to Building projects, the Perspektiv vision of ‘Finding a better way’ is a constant motivation to believe that we can provide services that will benefit the future of our world. Aligned with like-minded people, the Perspektiv team is friendly, supportive, and full of knowledge and experience. I have a lot to learn from Perspektiv and I am glad to be part of the family!

Gargi Mukkamala

Are you passionate and knowledgeable about sustainability? Are you curious and optimistic about Finding a Better Way? We always look forward to hearing from new potential candidates. We are open to anyone who believes they can offer us value, but we will look favourably upon people with qualifications or experience in our service areas.