What sets us apart?

Well versed in all aspects of sustainability we pride ourselves on our ability to get to the point and find a better way. Our team is known for its willingness to share what we  know.  We know that by sharing, we build trust and better relationships, which leads to better outcomes (not to mention happier people). Meet our team and hear why they value working at Perspektiv.



Meet the team


Simon Hooper

Principal Sustainability Consultant 

Working at Perspektiv has allowed me to pursue my goal of becoming the best sustainability professional I can possibly be – while also being part of a knowledgeable, collaborative and inspiring team!

Katie Williams 

Principal Sustainability Consultant 

Equity, respect, collaboration, humanity.


Colleen McDonald

Senior Sustainability Consultant 

Perspektiv focuses on building a diverse team to utilise their unique skillsets to produce genuine and better outcomes.


Ashish Mishra 

Senior Sustainability Consultant



Sophie Walker

Sustainability Consultant 

It is such an exciting and important time to be working in sustainability. The range of professionals and experience within Perspektiv allows for a great opportunity to have a positive impact across many industries.’


Gargi Mukkamala

Sustainability Consultant 

Perspektiv has opened endless opportunities for me to contribute to the larger picture. The Perspektiv vision of ‘Finding a better way’ is a constant motivation to believe that we can provide services that will benefit the future of our world.


Chloe Burgan

Sustainability Consultant 

Perspektiv offers a supportive team environment where career development is encouraged. It also provides me with flexibility as a working parent and an optimistic outlook on the future of sustainability.


Khilane Kissane

Sustainability Consultant 

Perspektiv consists of a passionate team, allowing me to develop myself both personally and professionally. This flexible and fun environment makes working here a true delight whilst contributing to a more sustainable future!

Dan Irwin 

People & Culture

The team at Perspektiv are brilliant and driven in their ambition to create a brighter and more sustainable future. Working to ensure they are supported, challenged, and happy in this work is incredibly rewarding.

Amelia Warner

Marketing & Communications 

It is an amazing feeling being able to create and communicate content that contributes to such inspiring and important goals, that ultimately encourages and motivates us all to do good.

Patrick Ilott

Managing Director

Creating the conditions that allow people to thrive, make good decisions, and achieve positive outcomes for one another really gets me going. Perspektiv provides me the perfect vehicle to do this for our team and our clients.

Patrick Jeannerat 

Principal Sustainability Consultant

Energized. Swift.

Science-based.  Regenerative.

Together. Happy.

Joshua Key 

Principal Sustainability Consultant 

Working at Perspektiv has provided me a platform to challenge business as usual behaviours to influence positive change.

Thiru Jallendran 

Principal Sustainability Consultant 

When the entire organisation is made up of passionate, like-minded people, working here is a dream come true. Perspektiv's ethos of 'Finding a better way' resonates with my own convictions and helps me sleep better each night knowing that we've done all that we can to leave this world in a better place for the generation of tomorrow...

Kirsten Neil 

Sustainability Consultant 

My work at Perspektiv enables me to have a meaningful contribution to personally and professionally address the challenges of climate change and care for this land.

Julia Bairstow

Sustainability Consultant 

Sustainable lens

Holistic development

Growth with Perspektiv.

Jamie Brown 

Sustainability Consultant 

Working with passionate changemakers to disrupt business-as-usual and enable positive social and environmental outcomes.

Olivia Ashton

 Sustainability Consultant 

Perspektiv surrounds you with hopeful leaders, who want to inspire a greener, kinder future. I feel nourished by my team to spark conversations on projects, which engage sustainability mindsets, take on difficult challenges and create meaningful legacy’s.


William Westaway 

Senior Sustainability Consultant - LCA

I’m passionate about finding the sustainable solution that fits best. It's great to work with a likeminded team that supports and encourages me to take on new waves challenges.

Kieren Heikkinen

Senior Sustainability Consultant 

Being part of the team at Perspektiv enables me to make the world a better place while being surrounded by intelligent, inspiring and altruistic people.


Lauren Cromarty

Senior Sustainability Consultant 

Having the opportunity to create positive outcomes for people and the planet.


Tierney McCourt 

Sustainability Consultant

​Talking about sustainability is often overwhelming. What can we do? Where do we start? Will it make a difference? Perspektiv has given me a clarity around the possibilities of sustainable approaches, a chance to put ideas into action and an opportunity to pursue real outcomes alongside an amazing team. Working towards a better future for all is not a way, it is the only way.

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We acknowledge the traditional owners of country throughout Australia and their continuing connection to land, waters and community. We pay our respects to them and their cultures and to their elders past, present and emerging. 

"Women digging for bush potato" Artwork by Beverly Egan, Murchison River, WA. © 2022 by Perspektiv Australia Pty Ltd. 

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