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People & Culture Lead 
Dan Irwin

Dan has a masters in  organisational Psychology and is able to apply his skills in learning & development, motivation, culture, wellbeing and organisational change.

Tierney McCourt

An expert in rehabilitation and reconstruction projects within disaster relief settings. Having project managed climate adaptation and resilience and capacity building programs in SE Asia.

Principal Consultant 
Katie Williams 

Katie combines her expertise in complex workforce matters with skills in social impact, diversity, reconciliation, equality, modern slavery, sustainable procurement and inclusion.

Human Rights & Social Impact 

"We are just two people. Not that much separates us. Not nearly as much as I'd thought.'"  Kathryn Stockett

All businesses have an impact on people and communities. Our team, with formal qualifications in law and the humanities help our clients manage the risks of negative human rights and social impacts, whilst optimising their potential to make positive change.  This contributes to wellbeing... including within your business.

Regulatory Frameworks and Human Rights Standards 

We have expertise in the regulatory frameworks that set the standards of conduct for business to respect and protect human rights. We implement the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and draw from other requirements emanating from the EU, US and UK. Our team can translate these into the context of your operations and value chain, so that you can set goals for your social performance and align these with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and other reporting frameworks.  We develop your human rights policy and grievance mechanisms, and embed these into a sustainable governance system. 

Due Diligence and Impact Assessment 

Human rights due diligence is moving rapidly from a voluntary process to a mandatory requirement, driven by legal developments from France and Germany and recently from the EU. The first challenge is to identify what diligence processes your business already conducts and how these can help you assess your human rights impacts. We help you integrate the findings from due diligence into the decisions and actions you take to prevent or mitigate potential impacts.  

Equality and Wellbeing in Workforces

Human rights to equality, health, decent wages and adequate standards of living are core to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Business can make significant contribution to these outcomes. Our team draws on best practice in diversity & inclusion to enhance the growth, development and wellbeing of your people, and to drive progress towards equity and fairness in your supply chain. 

Impact on Community and Society 

Social licence to operate is a significant factor for market forces. Myriad non-financial risks arise from impacts on communities, some of which can become financial risks.  We use statistics, economics and stakeholder engagement to understand the disadvantaged groups whose outcomes you have the potential to improve, along with the development priorities of your communities. We work with you to predict and measure your positive social impact through program logic models, theory of change and evaluation frameworks. 

Rights of First Nations Peoples 

We are living and working on lands that are the cradle of the oldest enduring cultures in human history. We know that business activity has severe impacts on First Nations communities and heritage and ultimately this can cause harm to business and stakeholders. Valuing the deep spiritual connection and stewardship of land and waters, and addressing dispossession and inequality, are imperatives for sustainable business and sustainable society. 

We believe that your reconciliation action plan or policy on First Nations communities must be integral to your environmental, social and economic objectives. Our team can guide you through the applicable legal and industry frameworks, anchor the concept of FPIC (free, prior and informed consent) into your operations and help you develop your plan for reconciliation.

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Perspektiv acknowledge the Traditional Owners of Country throughout Australia and their continuing connection to land, waters and community. We pay our respects to them and their cultures and to their Elders past, present and emerging.

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