"We are just two people. Not that much separates us. Not nearly as much as I'd thought.'" Kathryn Stockett

Exploit or empower, the choice is clear. Our logical approach enables you to remove risk and take opportunities on behalf of the people you directly and indirectly impact. This is central to wellbeing everywhere, including within your business. 

Human Rights & Empowerment

Sustainable Procurement

 If money is power, deciding how we spend it is critical. By applying the ISO 20400 Sustainable Procurement standard we systematically address risks in your supply chain including human rights abuses such as modern slavery, human trafficking and child exploitation.

Social Impact 

We use statistics, economics and stakeholder engagement to understand the disadvantaged groups whose lives you have the potential to improve, along with the health and wellbeing  priorities of your communities. We work with you to predict and measure your positive social impact upon disadvantaged groups and the community at large.

Modern Slavery

Shocking as it may seem, slavery has not yet been abolished, not even here in Australia. We can assist you to assess and mitigate against modern slavery, and also report your progress under the Modern Slavery Act.

Workforce Development & Industry Participation

We take a strategic approach to workforce planning, identifying reasons for skills gaps, barriers to entry & progression, and high attrition. We then plan and implement actions to enhance the growth, development and wellbeing of your people, your supply chain and your communities (including disadvantaged people and groups).

Let’s Work together


Get in touch for a chat, we enjoy contemplating new challenges and opportunities, and are always happy to share ideas. Together we will find a better way.