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Our Activity

 Directly supporting projects in achieving compliance with Cli-1 and Cli-2 Credits

Facilitation of CCRA Workshops on more than ?? projects across Australia

Engagement of multiple project stakeholders to ensure all knowledge and inputs are captured in collating risk assessment

Sharing best-practice climate change risk adaptation measures between different projects to ensure current thinking and options are incorporated.


Climate Change Risk Assessment 

Climate Change Risk Assessment


The Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA) process is based on the methodology of the Australian Climate change adaptation for settlements and infrastructure Standard (AS 5334: 2013).

Climate change represents a significant challenge for our communities and regions. Increasingly unpredictable extreme weather events are already posing a challenge to all aspects of human existence, and this includes infrastructure development and operations. The Risk Assessment process aims to improve the understanding of risks relative to specific Project scope, identify effective adaptation options for implementation as part of project delivery, and provide a pathway for future monitoring and review.

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